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The Nomad UK Clothing Range

Friday, 19 January 2018 12:02:25 Europe/London Comments Posted By Domain Design
nomad uk hunting garments

We are now stocking most of the ever more popular Nomad UK clothing range. Probably one of the finest uk designed and made hunting garments available today.

If you're interested in purchasing any bespoke, high-quality Nomad UK Clothing, click here to be taken to the range of products available on our website.

Designed in The Highlands

In ancient times our forebears in the UK were Nomads following the Red and Roe Deer in a lifestyle unique to these Emerald Isles. Now, in modern times we hunt and conserve differently particular to this day and age of highly technical fabrics and clothing.

These ensure that we stay comfortable , dry and warm whilst hunting in clothing that is functionally designed made from fabrics that … PERFORM.

Perform, not at a “passable” level with short effective life span , instead at a very high performance level in fabrics sourced to be LIGHT, SILENT and ROBUST.

Unique, Waterproof Clothing

Modern and born of the Highlands of Scotland Nomad UK "STEALTH" clothing, is totally UNIQUE ....... Proven and dependable to cater with the worst of climate the "NomadUK STEALTH" waterproof breathable fleeces are now used globally in extreme conservation ,hunting, bushcraft, filming and survival conditions.

Individually and ergonomically designed, each model has a purpose ....and, ALL...... are comfortable, light , durable, long lasting and high performing proving to be not only GREAT VALUE for MONEY.

Some of the most popular models include the Grampian and Argyll Waterproof & windproof breathable hydrophilic fleece which has a tweed pattern effect, and comes in a game shooting coat or stalking smocks in varius styles with hoods and without.

Also most models come in the Stealth Olive Green. This year see's Nomad UK introducing a few more styles for the ladies too. This includes country jackets, smocks and overtrousers.

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